Trashable Fashion.

Dad's battered Levi's 505s.

It is a truism that fashion turns the old into the new. Magazines and newspaper style sections often proclaim that 'the [insert decade here]'s are back!' and I have no doubt that these are correct observations. One need only check out the latest acid-washed denim, wayfarer sunglasses or bouffant hairstyles for confirmation.


The States and the Union.

Obama on the cover of Ebony, August 2008.

Marmite vs peanut butter, football vs football, monarchy vs republic...it is clear that the pond is not the only thing that separates the UK and the USA. Recently, with the British elections approaching, the inevitable comparison has been drawn between the nations' leaders. 


Bucking the Trend

Clogs circa 1890.

I think one of the most important elements of personal style is the ability to say 'no.' Nowadays it's easier than ever for brands and retailers to bombard us with images of a trend. Before long, as magazine editors, fashion gurus, and tween bloggers and their peanut galleries proclaim its coolness, we find ourselves unable to tell the difference between what we like and what we're told to like.



Mammoth and oxidized sterling silver cuff, a BS + PS collaboration with Pamela Love.

I have always believed that jewelry should be deeply personal. It's very different from clothing for me--there's something about how it interacts with and draws warmth from the body. As long as you're wearing it, it's a part of you. By that logic, you shouldn't wear jewelry unless it means something to you or says something about who you are and from whence you've come...I admire pretty things, naturally, but I rarely buy them. Jewelry for me has to have history, mystery, magic.