Love on the Run.


It has been forever since I've had a second to update this blog so I'll just dive right into it. This term has been insane as Louise and I work non-stop to produce editorials to be printed in the paper every Friday. This involves choosing a theme, hunting down references, sourcing the clothing, finding the models (in lecture halls, cafes and the houseparties we crash), styling the outfits, picking a date, location and photographer and praying that the weather cooperates because we don't have fancy studio lighting or paid assistants who can hurl their bodies over the clothing when it starts to rain. Once all that works out, we process, pick, and retouch the photos, set the layouts, write the credits, colour-edit for printing and post it all online before we start all over again on the next week's shoot. (It's no wonder my dissertation has been languishing in an unopened file for months...) It has been an absurd number of things to juggle but tonight as we sent our newest shoot off to print, Louise and I laughingly realized that in spite of being sleep deprived and on the brink of academic probation, we're having the time of our lives!