Sit, Walk, Strut.

Shorts and Boots from Guilty Brotherhood by Hanneli.

The phenomenon of V-high (vagina high) boots is often associated with a post-Pretty Woman world. I remember reading an article in the Evening Standard on how “Freud thought the shoe or boot was a symbol of the female genitals, too - a gap or perceived lack when the little girl realises that females do not possess a penis.” Accordingly, many many find such footwear (or more accurately, legwear) tantalizing, to say the least.




Lily Cole and Andrew Garfield shot by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US, December 2009; styled by--who else?--Grace Coddington.

Recently, the impossibly awesome Lily Cole (whom I met one night in our student-run bar--in her inimitable, soft-spoken way she told me how excited she was about going to Venice that weekend, modestly neglecting to mention of course that it was for Salma Hayek's wedding...) ahem, Lily Cole and a few friends started a fascinating project called The North Circular, which produces fashionable knitwear made by grannies exclusively from the wool of rescued Wensleydale sheep (who are raised on organic pastures).


The Swagger of Old – an addendum to Trashable Fashion.

McQueen, working out - note his boxing gloves (or rather taped hands).

Unfortunately, today’s fashionable man has become a caricature of what it once meant to have style. More dandy than distinguished, trends have become much more widely accessible. What people wear is no longer as tied to their status, profession or culture.