Vintage Virgin

A few things I will eternally have a fashion weakspot for:

- grey silk
- tissue-thin materials
- Valentino red
- wedge heels (if you live in a town with cobbled streets, you'll know what i mean.)
- drape-it-yourself dresses that kind of melt off the body
- gold jewelry

A few things I will always dislike:

- stripes
- empire waistlines
- visible thongs
- wooden heels
- that vintage stuff never seems to fit me. Which brings me to a blogger I absolutely adore: Vintage Virgin!

Not only is she simply gorgeous, NOBODY thrifts like this lady! She has a razor-sharp eye for cool cuts and colours, and she's a DIY die-hard after my own heart (plus, we share the same name!) Her playful way of dressing should be an example to label whores everywhere. How can you not love her?

All images via Vintage Virgin.