Swimming lesson.

 Liu Wen, by Hanneli.

Liu Wen and Edoardo Ballerini in Poppy de Villeneuve's How You Look at It.

There's absolutely nothing I don't love about this short film by Poppy de Villeneuve. The clothing, the crowded feeling of downtown new york, the fact that she's reading Franny and Zooey, not to mention the fact that the rhythm, lingering shots and colours remind me a lot of Wong Kar Wai (no, not just because of the asian connection.) But while we're on the subject, I love Liu Wen. Unlike a lot of models, she doesn't sound like a complete doofus when delivering lines (cf. Heidi Mount in Lagerfeld's shorts.) I also love her Cutler & Gross glasses, which accomplish the nigh impossible task of suiting an asian nose perfectly. Asian noses tend to be flatter in the bridge, so sunglasses that don't slip down your face, pinch or widen your nose are like the white elephant of accessories. Anyway, check it out, along with Hanneli's stunning backstage photos!