Ashes to Ashes.

Nhuc wears a blue sequined dress, vintage.

Apologies that I haven't written anything substantial for awhile! This was taken at Rosie Hardy's photography workshop in London. It was so much fun to play around in the studio and to see Rosie at work. Her dedication to her medium is so inspiring.

After some minor transportation issues (grr....London tube on weekends = DEATH) the group convened at MindStudio and discussed a variety of topics from lighting and prop acquisition to models and how to break into locations. Rosie shared some of her hard-earned knowledge with us and went through her portfolio, patiently explaining how each shot was created. It was such a pleasure to hear her talk about her experiences; she is such an open, unpretentious and talented girl!

Soon after we went over some studio basics, we met our delightful model, Nhuc. Nhuc has worked with Rosie on some of these incredible shoots:

(All of these photos are via Rosie's website.)

As you can tell, the girl is not only stunning, she models like a machine! Pose after pose was beautiful and in post-production it was hard to choose a favourite shot. If, like me, you're a closet devotée of America's Next Top Model, you know how tricky it can be to find your light, capitalize on your angles, and deliver a shot that expresses your photographer's vision. Nhuc endured being pelted with handfuls of flour for a whole afternoon and somehow looked gorgeous while doing it. If you're a photographer looking for a fantastic model, I would wholeheartedly recommend her!

Finally, we headed over to a pub in Bow to talk about photography as a profession. Steve (Rosie's awesome PA) was kind enough to take a group photo for us! A huge thank you to Rosie, Steve and Nhuc for planning such a rewarding day.