Flash Forward.

Louise, by Arturo Guéret.

For awhile now I've been stuck in one of those periods that are replete with planning and utterly lacking in action. Every waking moment has been spent preparing for something in the future (photo shoots, articles, conferences etc.) and I'm getting really antsy for it all to begin! Here's a preview of all the exciting stuff I've been working on with Pete and Louise.
We've secured a few incredible photographers for the photo shoots and I'm so excited to work with them! First up: Arturo Guéret, who has worked as an assistant for Maciek Pozoga at Vice. His own photography is quietly poetic and he has an amazing sense of timing. 

Louise, by Arturo Guéret.

Ben Toms will also be shooting for us, which is mad exciting for me since I've loved his work in Dazed, one of my favourite magazines! He has also shot gorgeous campaigns for Topshop and Temperley London.

Ben Toms for Dazed & Confused May 2010.

Ben Toms for Alice by Temperley London.

Ben Toms for Dazed & Confused December 2009.

Finally, the amazing Bella Howard will also be shooting for us! Her stuff has appeared in I-D, Nylon and Jalouse, to name a few, and she has shot campaigns for DSquared, Mulberry and Charlotte Olympia. As Louise wisely puts it, Bella's kind of a female cross between Juergen Teller and Terry Richardson (minus the perviness). Her photos exude fun (for some of the shots below I imagine the prompts going something like this: 'Hide in the closet! Now use the light saber! Kiss the pony! You're a pirate and the clutch is your eyepatch! RAWRRR!') In short, I think it'll be a blast to watch her work! 

Bella Howard for Topshop 214.

Bella Howard, Feral Girl.

Bella Howard, Do Not Disturb.

Bella Howard for Topshop 214.

So yes, I'm really excited to get started next month! For the moment I'm amusing myself by painting my nails weird colours (like white--??) and applying sparkly hearts to them, which is about as random as it sounds...

p.s. I've disabled comments for now, not because I don't massively appreciate it when I get one, it's just one of those situations where I've seen how messy it can get and don't want to end up self-censoring with that in mind. Much love nonetheless!

Photographs from Ben Toms, Bella Howard, and via the lovely Louise.